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I am a retired journalist who now spends all my time working online promoting my own and other people's products as an affiliate. On occasion, I take on writing jobs for other marketers. Typical projects include articles, ebooks and small booklets.

Creative Services

As an award-winning Journalist, I can create articles, ebooks and small booklets for your marketing needs. Topics can be researched or I can rewrite your PLR materials to make them your own to use as you wish.

Typing and Transcribing Services

As a veteran typist and transcriptionist, I welcome projects that require an accurate, fast typist who can turn seminars, videos and interviews into hard copy text. If you have a digital record (video or audio) of a meeting or presentation, I can transcribe it into print that you can use in other formats.

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My Products

2016 - Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets

A virtual bible on dog nutrition and dog care, includes training, first aid, diseases and much more. The main book is 160 pages of vital information every dog owner should know.

1986/2008 - "Guide to Teenage Depression and Suicide" (booklet) -

This guide will help parents and others to identify the signs of teen depression and the potential for suicide. Advice included how to respond to a person at risk to commit suicide. (Revised 2008 and available online as an eBook.) Out of Print

Web Sites

Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets

A comprehensive package that details the issues and threats surrounding dog nutrition. It also contains information on dog diseases, health and medical procedures, dog first aid, grooming and other fun stuff.

Dog Talk Weekly

A fun look at dogs, with helpful advice on training, feeding, and caring for your dog. It includes reviews of quality products that teach you how to have a well-behaved and healthy dog.

Natural Anxiety Remedies

A blog of anxiety tips and strategies for coping with this debilitating condition. Related topics include depression and panic disorder. Includes product reviews of some of the best products to help you overcome these issues.

Road Trips Ontario New

Read through this growing site of local destinations for the family. It contains write-ups of various travel sites in Ontario that are off the beaten track. Typical topics include historic sites, outdoors and nature, fun events, local heritage, photographer's delights and other leisure ideas for day trips or vacations.


This site offers books on a variety of topics, including dog training, stop smoking, travel, fat loss and fitness, golf tips, and more.

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