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Affordable Services for Small Businesses

People have been asking me if I can help them with their web business needs so here's what I can do to help you with your business needs.

I have done considerable writing work for a wide variety of needs, from media news to business profiles and products for the web. Click the links for a quick overview of my areas of expertise.

Writing Editing/Proofreading Typing and Transcribing



Note: All articles will be keyword targeted or based on your particular needs. Supply the keyword and I'll write your articles to suit. All eBooks and eReports will be in Arial 12 point, 1-1/2 line spacing unless otherwise specified.


  • 300-500 words - $25 - $35

  • 501-800 words - $35 - $45

Article Bundles

  •  5 articles bundle on one topic - $75

  • 10 articles bundle on one topic - $125

  • 15 articles bundle on one topic - $200


  • 60 pages - $850

  • or can be broken down into 2 - 30-page eBooks


  • 15 pages - $275

  • or can be broken down into 2 - 7-page eReports


Do you need a specific shot to use in your promotions, on your web site or in social media, or other places? Give me an idea of what you need and I'll do my best to shoot it for you.

Due to proximity issues, topics will have to be generic. For example, if you want a photo of something historic or demonstrating leisure activities, I can shoot places and events that are within my vicinity in Ontario, Canada.

The price varies, depending on number of different shots required and distances that I might have to travel to get them. Please contact me with specifics for a quote.

Content Editing & Proofreading

Content Editing

Content editing entails checking and correcting the style and content of the web page.

  • Set rate: .07 cents per word

Sample project:

  • web pages, blog content, and other sites:
    for every 500 words - $35


Proofreading finds and corrects grammatical errors, typos and copy formatting.

  • Set rate: .05 cents per word

Sample projects:

  • web sites - $25 per 500 words (approx. 3 screens/folds depending on the density of the page)

  • books, reports, articles - $25 per 500 words

Note: The Minimum Rate is $25 per job. Special pricing can be arranged for larger projects.

Typing & Transcribing

Turning your audios into print

As a veteran typist and transcriber with 23 years' experience, I will create text versions of your projects (audio interviews, videos, seminars and meetings, speakers, etc.)

Note: The Average Rate for transcribing is $1 per audio minute (A 60 min. tape will cost $60). Please note that it takes about 3x the audio length to transcribe it into written text. Rates and turnaround depend on the quality of the material to by transcribed. Such things as background noise, accents, poor quality sound, etc. will be factored in.

Go to Typing and Transcribing Services page for more details

Please forward all inquiries to:

Sylvia Dickens via the Contact Form

Image 3 Creative Services, Ontario, Canada

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