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Typing and Transcribing Services

Do you have audios or videos of presentations, meetings or a similar recording that you want turned into text? I can help you.

For 20+ years, my job involved typing from hard copy and audio for numerous businesses in a wide variety of fields, from legal and travel to engineering and sales. The companies were generous in their praise of my skills in both speed and accuracy as well as a willingness to stay until the job is done, well beyond the 5 p.m. closing.

additional quality

With my added work experience over the years, I now can offer this same expertise to you as a dicta-typist (transcriber) but with added end-product quality. As an award-winning journalist who has produced articles, edited publications and created products from research online and offline over the past 34 years, my services can include editing to ensure the transcribed text is grammatically correct, should you need it.

You can read my entire resume on my Portfolio page.

The Process

  1. Simply contact me through my Contact Form with your request. Be sure to select "Transcribing Services" from the drop-down menu to expedite your message. I will contact you within 24 hours (taking into account time shifts around the world).

  2. We discuss your project and determine how best to coordinate payment, such as Escrow or up-front down payment (usually 50% with balance due on delivery).

  3. You send in via email or other service your content in digital format (video, audio) with any specific requests or needs in text format. Be sure to include the date you wish to receive the finished product.

  4. I will review the project, set a final price. I will also write up a contract to ensure we agree on what we each expect. You will coordinate the 50% down payment or Escrow total before work proceeds. Note that the project will not begin until these steps are complete.

  5. Over the next few days, I will transcribe the audio portions to written text. The average time to transcribe a 1 hour tape is about 3-4 hours plus extra for a second run-through, but please allow 1 week (5 days) for coordination, proofreading and grammar correction. I will make notes as per your instructions on any issues such as inaudible audio, formatting of the text page (paragraphs indented or not, length/width per page.) For example, if you wish to use the text in a slide show, you might want a shortened page.

  6. When the job is complete, I will forward it to you for confirmation. If all meets with your approval, you will submit the final payment and I will issue you a receipt.

Take your Job to the Next Level

Perhaps you'd like to create some articles from this material. I can write articles for you that you can use on your web site or blog, submit to article databases, or utilize in any of your promotions.

If you'd like to take your job to the next level, simply reach out and we can discuss your needs.

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